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Frans Le Roux specializes in complex and detailed prints, but he also likes to draw simple, small cartoons. With this illustrator working alongside you you have someone who listen to you and thinks with you He will carefully examine your reports, information and ideas and, if necessary, proposes a separate opinion to your suggestions and proposals. The text and gimmicks needed for a lighthearted communication can be quietly left to Le Roux, once he has picked one of your ideas. During the work process you look over his shoulder: the sketches will be sent for perusal and your comment will be processed. This usually leads only to small changes, because Le Roux always processes the most important main themes into the drawing, and he also ensures that the client will be happy to look at it!

In addition to his regular work Le Roux also designs exhibitions about comics-related topics and has co-authored an educational TV series with an accompanying book about comic and cartoon drawing. For the comic series "Arin" with drawings of Roelof Wijtsma- Le Roux writes and draws the scenarios and storyboards. He is also involved in the foundation “Het Nederlands Stripmuseum” (The Dutch Comic Museum) of which he was one of the founders. For his contribution to the comic culture in the Netherlands two prizes were awarded : In 1996 he received, together with his colleague Jesse van Muylwijck- the Golden Balloon of the Delft Comic days, a year later he received, on behalf of the Dutch Comic Museum, the Stripschap Award for Special Merit.

In northern Netherlands, Frans Le Roux is best known for his lively Groningen cityscape drawings. From these drawings were edited two calendars and a booklet ("STAD ..." with matching sonnets of Driek van Wissen).

Mail to hallo@fleroux.nl or call + 3150-5713011

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